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Geothermal Services

Over the past 10-years we have installed hundreds of geothermal systems in residences and commercial buildings here in the central Arkansas area. We are big advocates of geothermal systems; so much so, we heat and cool our personal homes and businesses with geothermal systems. GTS Heat and Air is IGSHPA Certified installers and we offer a wide arrange of geothermal products from several manufactures.

Here at GTS, we don’t only say we can do Geothermal, WE DO IT EVERYDAY!

If you are interested in a new geothermal system you have came to the right place, let us show you how to put money back into your pocket each month you own your home. There has never been a better time to consider geothermal for your next heating and cooling system.

Geothermal Tax Credits

There are typically exciting tax incentives to upgrading to a Geothermal unit. Check for new credits here

Geothermal Benefits and Down-To-Earth Savings

Geothermal systems are the most efficient home heating and cooling options available today! They don't create any heat and only require a small amount of electricity to power the system.

Comparing actual costs tells the whole story:

When a geothermal system is in use, excess heat energy can be routed to your water heater. The result is big savings on your water heating cost year-round!

Ground Source Heat Pumps Offer Great Benefits

geothermal unit
  • Can be a combination heating/cooling and hot water heating system
  • Savings up to 50% on your water-heating bill by preheating tank water
  • Made of mechanical components that are either buried in the ground or located inside the home
  • About the same size as a traditional heating/cooling unit
  • Pipe carries up to a 50-year warranty
  • Cut energy consumption by 20% up to 50% and reduce maintenance costs
  • Keep the air warmer in the winter (90 -105* F) and at a more consistent temperature throughout the home, eliminating the hot and cold spots common with other systems
  • Very quiet, providing a pleasant environment inside & outside the home
  • No noisy fan units to disturb outdoor activities
  • No exposed equipment outdoors; children or pets cannot injure themselves or damage exterior units
  • No open flame, flammable fuel or potentially dangerous fuel storage tanks

GSHPs Offer Great Savings

  • One of the most efficient residential heating and cooling systems available today
  • Heating efficiencies 50 to 70% higher than other heating systems and cooling efficiencies 20 to 40% higher than available air conditioners
  • Save money in operating and maintenance costs
  • Investments recouped in only a few years
  • Positive cash flow; energy savings usually exceed the cost of the system
  • Some utilities offer rebates or incentives to their customers who purchase GSHPs
  • Many heat pump manufacturers, local utilities, and lending institutions have special financing for homeowners who are installing GSHPs

GSHPs Are Environmentally Friendly

  • Conserve natural resources by providing climate control efficiently and thus lowering emissions
  • Minimize ozone layer destruction by using factory-sealed refrigeration systems, which will seldom or never have to be recharged
  • Uses underground loops to transfer heat, with no external venting and no air pollution

Geothermal Maintenance Agreement

Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling system is important for the safety of everyone in your home. Our Prevention Plus Maintenance Agreement (PPMA) provides you with two annual maintenance visits, which helps prevent serious damage and costly repairs. We conduct an overall inspection of your geothermal heat pump system and make you aware of any additional repairs your system might need.

As a result of our regular maintenance service, your home’s air quality and your heating and cooling system’s performance will significantly improve.

The Prevention Plus Maintenance Agreement (PPMA) plan for your geothermal system is currently offered at $139.95 per year. For pricing on multiple systems please contact us. If you would like to become a Prevention Plus Maintenance Member please CLICK HERE and download the form.

PPMA Customer Benefits

  • Semi Annual 21 Point Performance Inspection
  • Appointment Booking Priority
  • No Overtime Charges
  • 10% Discount on Repairs & Additional Services
  • Complete Record and Maintenance History maintained by GTS
  • Emergency Call-Out Priority

If you would like to become a Prevention Plus Maintenance Member please click learn more below and download the form, fill it out, send to us today and get enrolled.

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